AUSTRIA - Vienna *18th of December 2015 **#18D #18D #18D**: Open the borders - migrate to live non die!

“Open the borders!” shout the people who are standing in Idomeini at the
blocked border between Greece and Macedonia, who are fighting under
inhumane conditions for their right to travel. Their fight stands for
the fights of thousands of people who are blocked, who disappear, who
die and are killed at borders worldwide. “Open the borders!” means away
with the police and military, who are supposed to block fleeing people
at the borders. “Open the borders!” means down with the fence that
Austria is building in Spielfeld, down with all the fences Europe uses
to isolate itself more and more. “Open the borders!” means putting an
end to the murders of thousands who are fleeing in the Mediterranean sea
and on the travelling routes, who only die because there are no legal
ways to reach Europe. “Open the bordes!” also means to break through the
barriers of this normality that does not consider governmental
illegalization, exploitation and assassination as noteworthy. Last but
not least, “Open the borders!” means not being satisfied with the
borders opening for a short time.

No, it is not enough. It is not enough at all. What we experienced in
summer was just the beginning. It was one of many beginnings of
awareness and mobilization. It was just the beginning because we will
not accept that refugees in Austria are made homeless or have to sleep
in emergency accommodations on the floor, when at the same time there
are empty houses in every city. It was just the beginning because we
will not accept that in this country the right to travel, the right to
choose a place to live and basic rights like the access to education,
medical care and work depend on one’s passport or residence title. We
will not accept that Austrian politicians pretend to support the
“welcoming culture”, while they call for more deportations at the same
time and try to push through the second tightening of the asylum laws
this year.

It is completely unacceptable that the Austrian and other European
governments pay milliards of Euros to the warmongering Erdogan-regime in
Turkey in order to put people into prison and keep them away from the EU
borders. Just as unacceptable are the meager promises given to the
governments of African states in order to get them to collaborate with
the EU migration system while the African resources are still plundered.

We call on everyone to intervene against deportations and racist
controls, to support refugees actively in their journey into and on to
other countries and in their daily fight for the necessities of life.
Because this is the most normal thing in the world – bizarre and
alienating are the ones who try again and again to isolate themselves
because there, in the cage, in the bunker, they imagine the good life.

In Greece, Italy and many places along the borders and travelling routes
through Europe, people go to the streets on the 18th of December for:
„Open the borders! Migration to live non die!”. Also in Mali and Togo –
countries, where thousands of people set out for a dangerous route
searching for a better life – is the global action day of migrants
commemorated with the slogan „Save the life of migrants!“. Here in
Vienna we also want to take a stand together with refugees, activists
and people who give direct support in sleeping quarters and at train
stations as well as all solidary friends. We take a stand for a real
opening of the borders! For freedom, for equal rights and a good life
for everyone!

*What we want:*

*down with all fences, immediate stop to all “building measures”!*

*police and military off the borders, free entry and passage for

*away with “Dublin”, a stop to all deportations, erasure of all

*the right to apartments and mobility for everyone – no one should
stay homeless!*

*the right to education, language learning, medical treatment, work
and minimum income independent of passports and status!*

*full funding of practical support instead of unpaid emergency

*no criminalisation of unpaid and paid border crossing services,
down with the “smuggling” paragraph §114!*

*no “temporary asylum”, no tightening of the asylum laws!*

*the right to family reunion for everyone!*

*recognition of reasons for asylum of women! *Recognition of reasons
for asylum *of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transpersons, intersex and
queer persons! **

*stop the thousands of murders at the borders and on the travel
routes, safe and legal travel routes for everyone!*

*no deals for deportations and migration controls with the Turkish
Erdogan-regime and the governments of African states!*

*Papers for everyone or papers for no one!*