TOGO: Sodoké

The background of the action in Sokodé is the fact that Sokodé is one of those cities in Togo from where most migrants are starting their journey. Moreover, in the population of Sokodé, there is a high percentage of former migrants who were deported back to Togo from Europe, Northern America, Lebanon and diverse African countries.

ATE is demanding:

-Strengthening the rights of migrants in general and specifically the rights of those who returned by force and were deported.

-It is important to stop the deportation of migrants, who are called „Sans Papiers“, to save human lives.

-Support on all levels for people who were deported to reintegrate them into the society after they lost everything

-Correcting the policy which is aiming at control, imprisonment, arrestation, racist and xenophobic violence and inhumane treatment, which a lot of migrants have to face along the land-, sea- and airline borders.

-Opening of the borders instead of militarisation. Allow Freedom of Movement for people and goods.

-More investment on economic, social, political and cultural levels to reduce poverty and to avoid the death of many migrants.

-Correcting the descisions of the Africa-Europe-summit in Malta 2015 which are considered as inapropriate for solving today's most urgent questions concerning migration.

No to racist violence and xenophobic behaviour!
Migrants welcome!

Sokodé, on the occasion of 18th - 19th of December 2015
The Togolese Association of Deportees will be happy about solidarity messages: