GERMANY: The global day action in Berlin and Frankfurt

MONDAY 17.12.2012 Berlin, Germany
Place: Berlin, Refugee Protest Camp, 7.30pm

„The Revolution Gave me the Freedom to Challenge the Border“

A presentation of Boats4People on the second anniversary of the Tunisian Revolution.

Three tunisian activists of boats4people will give a report about the
psychological and political changes that took place through the revolution.

With short films they will offer insight in the radical changes in their country, and in the migration dynamics connected to those.

With Wael Garnaoui (Psychoclub, Tunis), Sinda Garziz and Syrine Boukadida
(Network for the Struggle for Freedom of Movement, Tunisia)

TUESDAY 18.12.2012 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Place: Frankfurt, Cafe KoZ, 7 p.m.


"Watch the Med" – Stop the dying in the mediterrean Sea

A presentation of Watch the Med with the founders of the project Charles Heller (Genf) und Lorenzo Pezzani (London).
Discussion about the interactive mapping and monitoring project which aims to bring an end to the death of migrants at sea
and foster solidarity between both sides of the Medi­terranean. Assisting migrants at sea is not a crime, it is a duty.

Same event also at the 19th of december in Berlin, 7.30 pm, K-Fetisch, Wildenbruchstraße 8


Info: Hagen -

TUESDAY 18.12.2012 Berlin, Germany
No More Deaths, No More Missing People!

Manifestation with theater, music and speaches
Place: Berlin Main Station 5 p.m.
Bündnis gegen Rassismus, Boats4People Berlin & FelS- Für eine linke Strömung organize an Event at the Central Station of Berlin, Germany to support the Global Action Day!
Meeting Point is the Entrance on the Southside at 5 pm!
Theatre, an large orchestra and speakers of various groups!