The GDA 2012 at the WSF preparation meeting in Monastir, Tunisia on July 11-17, 2012

From July 11 to the 17th, a preparatory meeting took place in Monastir, Tunisia, towards the upcoming World Social Forum.

During this meeting the ship Oloferne arrived on that port carrying out the team of Boats4People ( as part of the solidarity flotilla. Boats4People is a project of a coalition of European and African organizations whose objective is to denounce the deaths of those who attempt to reach Europe crossing the Mediterranean Ocean.

On July 13 there was a workshop entitled "The Disappeared: Mobilizations Against Deaths and Disappearances on the Border". The participants included relatives and organizations from Mali, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, Chad, Ethiopia, France, Holland, Germany, Italy and the founders of the project WatThe Med (a collaborative between Boats4People and Forensic Architecture Department of Goldsmiths College in London). Their objective was to gather data about human rights violations on the open seas. During the meeting a letter from the relatives of disappeared migrants on Central America was receive by the relatives from Tunisia.

The workshop decided to support the call to a second global day of action for the rights of migrants, refugees and displaced people under the slogan Migrate to Live! No More Deaths and Disappearances!, which has been already signed by many different organizations. The objective of this day of action is to allow multiple campaigns to join forces on December 18, 2012. This effort should be a space for unity, where we can all express ourselves with respect for diversity. The whole world must join our single strong voice demanding truth and justice about these deaths and disappearances.

During the workshop it was further proposed that on December 18 we launch an international campaign to create independent commissions to investigate these matters on the countries that are affected by it. We will also demand from the United Nations that their Commission Against Forced Disappearances become active in the countries affected by this tragedy.

Participants from Algeria have asked to remember during the day of December 18 the situation of thousands of people who disappeared in hands of intelligence service of different countries.