Statement of the Dakar World Social Forum – February 2011

The World Social Forum held in Dakar, according to the proposals approved at the Quito’s World Social Forum on Migration 2010, as well as those of the Dakar World Social Forum meetings and those included in the Chart of Migrants signed in Gorée, Senegal, on February 4, 2011

A global day of action on December 18, 2011 against racism, for the rights, equality and dignity of migrants, refugees and displaced people

for the ratification and implementation of The United Nation Convention for the rights of Migrants workers and the members of their families, the freedom of movement and the right to stay, the closure of migrants detention centers and the revocation of all the agreements and programmes concerning states’ borders which offend human rights.

The negative consequences of neo-colonial and neo-liberal policies.

The fundamental role of migrants as political and social actors to build a universal citizenship system.